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Management Scope special 'The Netherlands as circular hotspot'

All things bright and circular

Rarely have I been prouder than I am now, to share this magazine with you, its readers. We live in an era where the challenges facing us worldwide are at times simply overwhelming. Struggle and conflict dominate our news headlines. But the following pages will play you an uplifting tune, and paint a vision of a new era using brighter colours. Because that is what a circular economy has to offer: responsible and sustainable growth for a society in which people, businesses and our planet can flourish.

It has been truly inspiring to meet with the visionary personalities whose views and insights you are about to read. Although very different in background and profession, they are all focussed on finding solutions.

Numerous discussions and visits to projects have strengthened my belief in the role the Netherlands can and should play in boosting the circular economy across the globe. Optimism, ingenuity, adaptability to change and a deeply rooted compass of common sense are all strong Dutch characteristics. The latter being the first core value of the circular economy: it just makes sense.

Over the past few years more and more Dutch companies and entrepreneurs, together with local and national governments, institutes, universities and NGOs have made impressive steps in the transition towards a circular economy. It is an exciting journey that generates a positive flow of energy throughout the country, and indeed is turning the Netherlands into a circular hotspot.

I have no doubt that you will find inspiration, new insights, and new questions in this magazine. Please consider it an invitation to join us – any of us – on this promising journey.

H.R.H. Prince Carlos de Bourbon de Parme
Chairman of the campaign The Netherlands Circular Hotspot