Changes Executive Board TBI Holdings

Changes Executive Board TBI Holdings

26-04-2023 TBI Holdings has announced changes in the Executive Board. Hendrik de Haan and Bianca Seekles will join the Board on September 1.

Hendrik de Haan, currently CEO of Eekels Technology, and Bianca Seekles, currently CEO of ERA Contour, will join the Executive Board of TBI Holdings. This is in response to the request by Bart van Breukelen, current Chairman of the Board, to step down at the shareholder meeting in April 2024. Van Breukelen has held the position since 2019 and will retire.

Following Van Breukelen's resignation at the shareholder meeting in April 2024, it is intended that Hendrik de Haan will be appointed Chairman of the Executive Board of TBI Holdings.

In addition, Harald van Keulen, managing director of TBI Bouw, has announced his retirement from October 1. Jeroen Heijdra, together with Job van Zomeren, will assume the position of CEO of ERA Contour from 1 September 2023. Both have been part of the management team for many years. The management team of Eekels Technology will be formed by Bart Brom (Chairman) and Chris Schepers, both familiar faces within the company.

Bart van Breukelen, Chairman of the Board of Management of TBI Holdings: "I am confident that, with our new colleagues on the Executive Board, we can continue to make a fine contribution to the flourishing of the TBI companies and to the social tasks we work on together every day."

Ton Nelissen, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of TBI Holdings on these appointments: "We are very happy that we have succeeded in achieving internal succession within TBI Holdings and its businesses."