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When you visit, we assign cookies. Cookies are temporary text files that contain personal, pseudo-anonymous or anonymous data, for example for your laptop or mobile phone. This allows the device to remember information about your search on our website. You can then, for example, easily repeat your search without being bothered any longer by notifications and pop-ups that you previously clicked away. This allows us to use information about each search query to make our website smarter and better for the individual visitor. We also use cookies for marketing and sales purposes. is never interested in individual personal data, except to use them to gain insight into channels and pseudo-anonymous visitor behaviour. 

A visitor comes to a page of via a Google search. Scope Business Media uses the data of this individual visit (e.g. how long the visitor stays on the page) merged with all other visits that are registered in the same way to provide abstract and non-individual insight. We do this to gain an insight into how Google functions for as a source of traffic.

The cookies are used for the following applications:
Google Analytics
Google Optimize
Google Search Console
Google Plus
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Integral Ad Science

Accepting cookies:
For a working website, it is necessary that you accept the cookie and privacy statement of Since 24 May 2018, only the conscious acceptance of the cookie and privacy statement has been sufficient to continue on the website. The failure to accept the cookies necessary for the proper functioning of means that Scope Business Media cannot continue the free service for the individual user. In other words: if you do not accept the cookies, is not accessible to you.

Delete or disable cookies:
Of course, you can also disable our cookies. Please note, however, that you will not be able to access our website in that case. You can always delete cookies in your Internet browser and also set whether you want to accept them.

The different types of cookies:

If you accept our cookies, we allow you to choose between two options, basic and complete. 

Basic cookies:
Scope Business Media anonymizes the data of persons who visit the site. As a result, has hardly any personal data of our website visitors and we are allowed to collect select data points that cannot be linked to you as a person in any way. Necessary cookies include all data points that Scope Business Media is entitled to place without the explicit permission of the visitor. This concerns only fully anonymized data necessary for the functioning of the site. 

Other cookies, if ‘complete’ is selected:
Other cookies include cookies for which we need your explicit permission. This includes, for example, our marketing cookies, which we also anonymize completely. However, these cookies are essential for Scope Business Media to ensure that can continue to exist as a site.

Explanation of the different types of cookies:

Functional Cookies:
Functional cookies ensure that the website works properly for users. Scope Business Media uses various cookies for this purpose, which temporarily store information from your session (website visit). This means, for example, that you do not have to fill in a form again when you reload a page or that you do not fill in all the fields correctly at once. 

Analytical cookies:
Scope Business Media assigns analysing cookies, which teach us something about which pages cause problems for visitors, which pages are interesting, and so on. With this information we try to improve the user experience of the website. By means of Google Analytics and other aforementioned applications, we analyse information about visitor behaviour on

Marketing cookies:
Both Scope Business Media and our advertisers make use of cookies on our Internet pages. Scope Business Media is selective in allowing third-party cookies. Scope Business Media uses the so-called marketing cookies for marketing purposes. For example, Scope Business Media can send you news by email by means of a newsletter, if you have registered for this, of course. Through the marketing cookies can show to its advertisers that it delivers redirected visitors. The existence of the service that offers depends on this. 

HTTPS: respects the privacy of private data by keeping them truly private. The entire website is secured up-to-date through  HTTPS as standard. This means that user data are secured through a so-called Transport Layer Security (TLS) connection. Via TLS, behavioural data is sent encrypted over the Internet. You do not need special software to surf a site with TLS. You will recognize a secure TLS connection by the ‘green lock’ in your browser.

Personal data:
The data collected during your visit to will be protected and treated confidentially at all times. We will never give the data to third parties for commercial purposes. However, it is possible that aggregated data will be provided to third parties such as knowledge partners or advertising parties for the purpose of using as a marketing channel. This means, for example, that if a visitor to clicks on an advertisement and thus visits an advertiser’s website, is regarded as the source of the visit. In this context personal data (such as email addresses) are never supplied to third parties. It is also possible that we pass on general numbers (clicks, views) and click-through rates of our advertisements. A knowledge partner may also inquire about, for example, the number of visitors to content produced by us in association with this partner. This is always anonymous data.

When you use the Mgmt. Scope app, we and our partners will use anonymized IDs, based on your IP address or device ID of your computer, tablet or phone, to improve your ePaper user experience, analyse usage of our content and support advertising. 

When you first use our app, we will ask you to provide your privacy settings. You can consent to the use of anonymised IDs or you can refuse. Consent is given voluntarily and you can withdraw your consent at any time in your Privacy Settings.

We work with the following partners for your use of our app:

Privacy statement

What user data does process and store?

The data supplied by you are used by Scope Business Media b.v. for, among other things, sending and providing the publications to which your subscription relates, for providing services and/or to inform you about other products and services of Scope Business Media, if you have indicated that you wish us to do so.

IP address:
Your IP address is the number that allows computers on the network to identify your computer so that data can be sent to it. By remembering your IP address, we can more easily recognize you on our website. This happens completely automatically in the tracking systems, e.g. Google Analytics, which Scope Business Media uses, where any understanding of IP addresses is not used. It serves only the purpose of anonymously analysing online behaviour.

Clicks on advertisements:
When one of the advertisements is clicked on, a cookie is placed, which assigns the subsequent visit to the website of the advertising party to We facilitate for our advertisers the placement of tracking URLs. In this way the advertising party can see that the visit comes from

On you will find hyperlinks to other websites of third parties. Scope Business Media cannot be held responsible for the content of third-party websites, nor for the use of cookies by these third parties. We therefore recommend that you read the privacy statement of the relevant site.

E-mail address and name data:
Scope Business Media stores the email address and the given first and last name of visitors who have subscribed to a newsletter. If you prefer not to receive newsletters anymore, you can unsubscribe via the link at the bottom of the newsletter or via
The e-mail addresses for our newsletter are stored on the servers of MailChimp. The servers of MailChimp are not located in Europe, and by agreeing to the terms and conditions, you therefore give your explicit permission for the storage of personal, pseudo-anonymous and anonymous data outside the European Union.

Other non-personal data storage:
There are some other anonymized data points that are stored in an aggregated way, as a result of which individual behaviour is not revealed, such as the average time spent on the site, what type of devices are used, what version of a browser is used, etc. These data points provide information about the functioning of the website.

Changing data:
You can ask to see your data and request to have it changed or deleted by sending an email to or a message to Scope Business Media b.v., Attn: Administrative Department, PO Box 23, 1190 AA, Ouderkerk a/d Amstel. Scope Business Media is responsible for the data supplied by you. Scope Business Media takes care of careful processing and securing the registered data and uses the current usual security procedures for this purpose.

Scope Business Media reserves the right to make changes to this privacy statement and therefore advises you to check the statement regularly for any changes. On this page the most recent version can be read at any time. This document was last modified on 24 May 2018.

Questions / comments:
If you have any questions or comments on the storage and processing of data by Scope Business Media, please let us know by email or phone. On weekdays between 09.00 am – 0.500 pm, Managementscope can be reached by telephone on 020 311 3799.

Who is responsible for data processing at Scope Business Media?
The person responsible for data processing and contact with visitors regarding the data stored is Mr W. Vesters. Mr. W. Vesters can be reached at for questions regarding data processing and storage, requests for adjustment or deletion of data and other questions.


Scope Business Media b.v. endeavours to keep the information on this site as up-to-date, complete and accurate as possible. Nevertheless, it is possible that information is incorrect or incomplete, and the content may therefore change without notice. No rights can therefore be derived from the content of this website.

Scope Business Media b.v. accepts no liability for any errors and shortcomings on this website; changes and corrections are reserved. Scope Business Media b.v. is not responsible for the content or availability of references or hyperlinks on this website to other websites, outside the domain of Scope Business Media b.v..

Scope Business Media b.v. does not guarantee nor accept any liability for the content, data, advice, statements, software, products or other material on such sites or sources. All editorial information, including advice, ideas, opinions and/or instructions, has been compiled with due care and to the best of our knowledge, but Scope Business Media b.v. and the authors cannot in any way guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information. Scope Business Media b.v. and authors therefore accept no liability for damage or loss, of any nature whatsoever, resulting from actions and/or decisions based on this information. You are therefore strongly advised not to use this information in isolation, but to rely on your knowledge and experience and to check the information to be used.
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Delivery terms
You can download the terms and conditions for advertising in the publications of Scope Business Media b.v. and an extract from the Rules for the Advertising Sector here. Please note that you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. No rights can be derived from the information provided above.

Subscription conditions

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Subscriptions are automatically renewed annually unless a cancellation is received in writing two months before the start of the new subscription period.

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