Theo Brink New Supervisory Director Coöperatie VGZ

Theo Brink New Supervisory Director Coöperatie VGZ

12-10-2023 Coöperatie VGZ has announced the appointment of Theo Brink as a member of its Supervisory Board effective October 5.

Theo Brink has been Chief Financial Officer of ANWB since 2019. Before that, he gained extensive experience in the insurance sector, including at NN Group, ING and De Goudse. Currently, Brink is also a supervisory board member of a number of ANWB-related insurance companies and the KSBV (KNAC services BV). Brink also joins the audit and risk committee of the Supervisory Board of Coöperatie VGZ.

Theo Brink is appointed to succeed Lex Steenbergen, who leaves the Supervisory Board on May 1, 2024. The Supervisory Board of Coöperatie VGZ thus temporarily consists of seven members, to provide room for adequate handover and acclimatization.

Chief Executive Officer Ron Icke is pleased with the appointment of Theo Brink. 'Now that we will have to say goodbye to our chairman of the Audit Committee Lex Steenbergen in May 2024 (he is reaching the end of his legally permitted term), we as a board have been looking for a good successor. With Theo, we believe we have found a good successor, given his extensive experience in the field of finance and insurance, but especially because of the way he explained his vision of his future role during his meetings with the Supervisory Board members. In addition, Theo is a pleasant person, whom I expect will further strengthen the existing collegial atmosphere within our board.

Coöperatie VGZ CEO Marjo Vissers - Kuijpers is also pleased with Brink's appointment. 'As CFO at ANWB, Theo is a director of the largest membership association in the Netherlands. The parallel with VGZ is clear; as a cooperative we too put the interests of our members at the center of our strategy. No doubt the exchange of experiences and ideas in contact with Theo will lead to insights for him and for us that will be helpful in further strengthening member influence and member interest. I look forward to the continuation of the dialogue we have already had on this subject during our acquaintance.