How Chapter Zero Is Helping Supervisory Directors With Sustainability

How Chapter Zero Is Helping Supervisory Directors With Sustainability
Chapter Zero brings together supervisory directors of Dutch companies concerned with the consequences of climate change. Board member Caroline Zegers gives an insight into what supervisory directors can expect. ‘Supervisory directors decide on content and form of discussions, Chapter Zero facilitates.’

Where does Chapter Zero Netherlands stand today?
‘We organized our launch event, which was attended by more than 30 top supervisory directors, in March last year. The event was received with great enthusiasm. We hope to further expand the network of involved supervisory directors to at least 60 by the end of this year. There are of course substantially more supervisory directors in our country, but we are starting with the top 100 largest companies. We want supervisory directors of similar organizations in terms of sector, scale, and level to be able to talk to each other. They can do this during the annual event in April and the series of roundtables we organize throughout the year, among other things. Our organization is now in place, with a foundation board and an advisory board. Furthermore, top supervisory directors Jaap Winter and Petri Hofsté are our ambassadors.’

What can supervisory directors expect at Chapter Zero?
‘To engage in conversations with peers about challenges related to climate change, while considering the other issues of significance to companies. Think artificial intelligence, the financial impact of climate change, dealing with CSRD regulations, selecting directors for sustainable leadership or responding to the societal pressure on companies.’

What makes Chapter Zero unique to a supervisory director?
‘The agenda for our meetings is driven by supervisory directors who help set up the sessions, where we are updated by experts and pioneers from business and science, entirely in line with the philosophy that Chapter Zero is created by and for supervisory directors. We have an international network of 70 chapters through which knowledge is developed through think tanks. We are an independent organization with no underlying commercial interests and with topics that are tailor-made. We also provide access to Chapter Zero's international environment, for example that in England, where Chapter Zero initiates its own research.’

How does a supervisory director get into contact with Chapter Zero?
‘That could for example be through other supervisory directors, through our website or LinkedIn page. Or email Sylvia Robben, our Program Director. Together with our network of supervisory directors, she is further establishing Chapter Zero Netherlands, and we are happy to get in touch with organizations with which we can collaborate.’

This interview was published in Management Scope 02 2024.

This article was last changed on 06-02-2024