Two New Supervisory Directors FrieslandCampina

Two New Supervisory Directors FrieslandCampina

12-10-2022 FrieslandCampina announced on 12 October that Baptiest Coopmans and Marleen Vaesen will be appointed as members of the Supervisory Board with effect from 13 December.

Sybren Attema, chairman of the supervisory board of FrieslandCampina, is pleased with the appointments. He indicates that both Coopmans and Vaesen have broad experience in various board and management positions at large international companies.

Baptiest Coopmans has been senior vice president of Liberty Global and supervisory director of VodafoneZiggo since 2017. From 2014 to 2017 he was CEO of Ziggo and before that he was CEO of UPC Nederland (which subsequently merged with Ziggo) for a short time. Previously, he was a member of the board of directors of KPN and held various management positions for Unilever in the Netherlands and abroad.

Marleen Vaesen was CEO of the Belgian lingerie company Van de Velde until May 2022. Before that, she was CEO of Greenyard and held management positions at Procter & Gamble, Sara Lee and Douwe Egberts. She is currently a supervisor at Van de Velde and Kinepolis, among others.

Coopmans and Vaesen are appointed for a period of four years. As of December 13, FrieslandCampina's supervisory board consists of the following members: Sybren Attema (chairman), Nils den Besten, Baptiest Coopmans, Hans Hettinga, Elze Jellema, Angelien Kemna, Heiko Schipper, Hans Stöcker and Marleen Vaesen.