Barbara Baarsma new Chief Economist at PwC

Barbara Baarsma new Chief Economist at PwC

31-10-2023 PwC announced on 30 October that Barbara Baarsma will take office as Chief Economist starting in December.

In her new position as Chief Economist, Barbara Baarsma will also lead PwC's chief economics office.

From 2016 to March this year, Baarsma worked at Rabobank, where she most recently was in charge of the financial group's new CO2 division. Previously, she headed SEO Economic Research. Among other things, he is also a professor of market functioning and competition economics at the University of Amsterdam.

Board member Veronique Roos-Emonds says: "Barbara is highly driven, energetic and able to translate complex problems into targeted solutions. Her years of experience make her the most suitable candidate to hold this strategic and important position on behalf of PwC."