Changes to KPN Executive Board

Changes to KPN Executive Board

27-03-2023 KPN's Supervisory Board has announced appointments to the Executive Board. Chantal Vergouw and Wouter Stammeijer are nominated as new members of the Executive Board. Babak Fouladi and Jean-Pascal van Overbeke are stepping down.

In addition to the nomination of the new Board members, Marieke Snoep will become responsible for KPN's consumer market. She will become the new Chief Consumer Market (B2C) and succeed Jean-Pascal van Overbeke, who will step down from the board due to personal circumstances. Wouter Stammeijer, currently Chief Strategy Officer of KPN, will be appointed as the new Chief Technology & Digital Officer (CTDO) and Chantal Vergouw, current Chief Executive Officer of insurer Interpolis, will become the new Chief Business Market (B2B). She will take over this position from Marieke Snoep.

The appointments are subject to the advice of the central works council and other customary conditions. Shareholders will be convened in time for an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders and informed of the proposed appointments. Chantal Vergouw will step down from the Supervisory Board of KPN upon her appointment to the Executive Board, for which the Supervisory Board of KPN will nominate a replacement soon. The appointments to the Executive Board take effect after the Shareholders' Meeting, Babak Fouladi and Jean-Pascal van Overbeke will step down from the Executive Board as of May 1, 2023.

Bianca Tetteroo, Chairman of Achmea's Executive Board, reacts to Chantal Vergouw's departure and her new position at KPN: "First of all, I would like to congratulate Chantal on this great appointment. We regret her departure but are proud that she has been asked for this position. Chantal has led Interpolis in a particularly inspiring way over the past seven years. During this period, she played an important and connecting role in the successful cooperation with Rabobank, among other things. Her engaging personality and great commitment have helped Interpolis to get to where it is today. For this we are particularly grateful to Chantal. We wish her every success and pleasure at KPN."