Leadership Changes KPMG

Leadership Changes KPMG

14-07-2023 KPMG has announced changes in leadership. These changes follow the findings of an investigation the accounting and consulting firm commissioned into the sharing of answers from tests of mandatory training.

The investigation was initiated by KPMG in 2022 after contacts with regulators, reports of similar incidents at several consulting and accounting firms abroad and after a report from an internal whistleblower. The investigation shows that over 100 employees per year over the past five years have been involved in sharing answers from tests of mandatory training.

Marc Hogeboom, Head of Assurance on KPMG's Executive Board in the Netherlands, is stepping down as Board Member. On this he says the following: "The findings of this extensive investigation, have made me decide to step down as a director. In my role as head of assurance, I stand for the quality and integrity of our assurance practice. Looking back, I should have been more attentive to signals indicating that answers for internal tests were being shared among ourselves within KPMG Netherlands. For that I take responsibility."
Marc Hogeboom ensures a careful transfer of his duties. Mariska van de Luur, a member of the management team of assurance within KPMG Netherlands, will take over his duties ad interim until a selection and appointment process is completed. Hogeboom will remain associated with KPMG in the Netherlands as an equity partner.

Roger van Boxtel, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, has also resigned from his position. "When I started as a member of the Supervisory Board two years ago, I did not properly complete a voluntary training course as part of the induction program. In the context of this investigation within KPMG in the Netherlands, I realize that I did not act with sufficient care at the time. As much as I regret it, no other decision than to step down suits me. In the exemplary position that I fulfill, there should be no room for doubt about my integrity".

Now that the position of Chairman of the Supervisory Board has become vacant due to Van Boxtel's sudden departure, Vice Chairman Jolande Sap will take over.

Stephanie Hottenhuis, CEO KPMG Netherlands: "We are extremely shocked by the main findings of the forensic part of the investigation. It is unacceptable that this happened. Quality and integrity are very important to us and have our full attention all the time. Every irregularity is one too many. We investigate the causes, we learn from this and now act decisively to further improve and strengthen the organization for the future."