FrieslandCampina announces simplification in management

FrieslandCampina announces simplification in management

22-06-2023 FrieslandCampina recently announced major appointments to both the Supervisory Board and the Cooperative Board. In addition, a planned future simplification of the management top structure was also announced.

FrieslandCampina announced the appointment of Petri Hofsté as an external Supervisory Board member. In addition to her role as a Supervisory Board member at Rabobank, Achmea and Pon Holding, she is also the Chairman of the Boards of Stichting Nyenrode and Vereniging Hendrick de Keyser. From June 22, Hofsté will begin an introduction program within FrieslandCampina. As of December 12, 2023, she will succeed Angelien Kemna as Supervisory Board member and Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee. Kemna has indicated she is not available for a second term.

In addition, Sandra Berendsen and Elze Jellema have been appointed as members of the Supervisory Board for a third and second term, respectively, effective the same date. Sandra Berendsen is currently vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Alfa Accountants. Berendsen has already served two terms on the Supervisory Board of FrieslandCampina, where she was a member of the Cooperative Board and deputy Chairman. Elze Jellema is reappointed to both the Supervisory Board and the Cooperative Board. A dairy farmer, she was a member of FrieslandCampina's Member Council for district of Southwest Friesland through 2018. Jellema is currently Vice Chairman of the Cooperative Board and member of the Supervisory Board.

Roel van Neerbos is also stepping down as a member of FrieslandCampina's Executive Board. In constructive consultations between Roel van Neerbos, the Supervisory Board and CEO Jan Derck van Karnebeek, it has been decided that Roel van Neerbos will step down as a member of the Executive Board of FrieslandCampina and as President of the Food & Beverage Business Group as of November 1, 2023. This decision stems from the planned future simplification of the company's top management structure, whereby the president food & beverage role will be eliminated. Consequently, no successor will be appointed to Van Neerbos. Until Oct. 31, 2023, Roel van Neerbos will continue in his current role and lead the Food & Beverage Management team. During this period, he will also retain his supervisory positions at various FrieslandCampina operating companies, including those in Nigeria, Pakistan, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

This change in FrieslandCampina's top structure is aimed at creating a more efficient organizational structure with fewer management layers. The company is grateful for Roel van Neerbos' contribution and appreciates his efforts during his tenure.

The meeting of FrieslandCampina's Member Council also decided to appoint Trienke Elshof-Witteveen as a new member of the Cooperative Board effective December 12, 2023. This decision was taken on the basis of a binding nomination by the Chairmen's meeting. Elshof-Witteveen will take over the position from Hans Stöcker, whose last term expires at the end of this year.